75% of the world’s population speaks no English at all. House of Commons debate, 3rd December 2009

77% of British exporters believe they lose business because they can’t speak other languages. House of Commons debate, 3rd December 2009

The Modern Foreign Languages Department comprises of 4 linguists specialising in either French or German and a Learning Coach. Our Learning Coach is someone who can work with students to offer them some additional guidance, support and accelerate progress within the MFL Department. French and German are offered alternately, therefore if your child begins year 7 in an ‘odd’ year i.e. September 2021, they will study German, however if they begin in an ‘even’ year, i.e. September 2022, they will study French.


MFL Curriculum

Our intent in the MFL curriculum is twofold – to give students the tools to be able to communicate in a French/German speaking country and to give them an insight into these cultures.

Through a range of creative contexts, all students will be taught how to communicate with their peers from different countries on a number of topics pertinent to their everyday lives. Oral work plays a key role in every lesson and we hope students become increasingly confident and comfortable in speaking in the target language. Grammar is taught progressively through the Key Stages so that students master key concepts at every stage of their learning journey, thus communicating with increasing accuracy. Achieving a formal qualification at either GCSE (a language is classed as one of the EBacc subjects) or A level really makes a student’s application to university and employment stand out and opens the door to a number of opportunities which may involve travel and working abroad.

Hand in hand with our students’ ability to communicate, we hope to develop their awareness of the richness and diversity of different countries, appreciating the contrasting geography, festivals, traditions, arts and systems.

Key Stage 3 classes are taught in mixed ability groups and the following topics are covered:-

  • Describing yourself, family and friends
  • School
  • Describing where you live
  • Health
  • Eating habits
  • Freetime
  • Holidays
  • Technology

Students have the option to study this language further in Key Stage 4 where Key Stage topics are re-visited and studied in greater depth.

Homework comprises of either written or learning tasks to consolidate the content covered in class and is set via Show My Homework.

For those students with a real passion and flair for foreign languages, the study of either French or German is an option in Key Stage 5. Here, through the target language, we look in great depth at the culture, politics, history and geography of French/German speaking countries alongside studying a book and film.

The MFL and History department offer a trip to either Berlin or Paris in year 10 where students gain a greater insight into the culture, language and history of these countries.



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