LEAP Academy Trust is a company limited by guarantee and is also (under the terms of the Academies Act 2010) an ‘exempt charity’, i.e., it has charitable status but is exempt from registering with the Charity Commission due to it being accountable to the Department for Education (DfE). Effective governance is key to our success. Transparent, empowered, assured governance, in keeping with the Trust’s values, is hard-wired into our constitution and in our ways of working. All Academy Trusts have two layers of governance – Members and Trustees. Some (like LEAP) choose to have a third, i.e., Local Governing Bodies (LGBs). To view more detailed information about the Trust’s governance model, please click here. LGBs are delegated responsibility by the Trust Board. Each LGB is, in effect, a committee of the Trust Board. Consistent with the Trust Board’s role Trust-wide, LGB’s are responsible for the following core areas in respect of the Academy which they oversee:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction at Academy level and with reference to the Trust
  • Holding the leadership to account for the educational performance of the Academy and its pupils
  • Awareness of finances to ensure that money is spent well and in line with school improvement priorities
  • Engaging with stakeholders

They undertake a vital role in contributing to the work of LEAP Multi-Academy Trust to ensure high standards of achievement and “Achieving Excellence” for all children and young people in education within the Trust’s Academies.

Our Trust-wide governors serve on the LGBs of both Brinsworth Academy and Dinnington High School.

Our Associate Governors, appointed to a single academy only, carry out a similar role, acting as advisors to Brinsworth Academy only.

If you wish to know more about becoming a Governor on the Local Governing Body, please contact the Lead Governance Professional via email

Our Governors are:

Valerie Whitaker

  • Trust-wide Governor and Chair
  • Term of office: 28.04.20 – 27.04.24

I am a semi-retired educator who became a governor when my own children were in education.  I believe that every child should have the same opportunities to achieve their full potential and as a governor I am able to support the academy in this.

Sam Brooks

  • Trust-wide Governor
  • Term of Office: 01.09.23 – 11.10.24
Sam Brooks

Kate Davis

  • Associate Parent Governor 
  • Term of office: 05.11.21-04.11.25

I became a parent governor to support the young people of Brinsworth Academy in receiving the best education possible and to prepare them for a bright future. I believe in equality of opportunity for all and in enabling students to gain skills and experience which will assist them in life beyond school. I have lived in Brinsworth for over 10 years and have found Brinsworth to be a great place to live. In my professional role I have over 14 years HR experience and act as a Member nominated Trustee for my Employer Pension Scheme.

Kate Davis

Massrat Ghulum 

  • Associate Parent Governor
  • Term of office: 01.01.22-31.12.23

Connor Humphreys

  • Associate Staff Governor
  • Term of office: 01.01.21 – 31.12.24

I wanted to become a governor for a number of reasons. Firstly, I want to be a member of the Senior Leadership Team of a school one day, acting as a governor gives me the opportunity to explore every area of how a school functions and operates, giving me invaluable experience. Also as a staff governor I am able to bring my professional experience and knowledge as a teacher to governor meetings and act as a link between the governing body and the staff base.

Mahomed Khan 

  • Associate Parent Governor
  • Term of office: 21.01.21 – 20.01.25

Rob Knight

  • Trust-wide Parent Governor
  • Term of Office: 01.09.23 – 31.01.25
Rob Knight

Debbie McShane

  • Trust-wide Governor
  • Term of Office: 01.09.23 – 09.12.25
Debbie McShane

Hannah Peacock

  • Trust-wide Staff Governor (non-teaching)
  • Term of Office: 22.06.22 – 21.06.26

Greg Raynor 

  • Ex-officio- Principal
  • Term of office – n/a
  • Date appointed: 01.09.20

I have worked as part of LEAP Multi Academy Trust since September 2017 and joined Brinsworth Academy in September 2019. I am incredibly proud to represent our diverse school community and constantly strive to ensure that all students are able to ‘Achieve Excellence’ for them.  I have a range of experience in other schools and am also currently a governor in two Sheffield primary schools.

Greg Raynor 

Leavers in last 12 months

Michaela Glarvey

  • Appointed: 01.01.2021
  • Resigned: 20.10.2022

Peter Freer

  • Appointed: 08.12.2019
  • Resigned: 07.12.2022

Jon Coe

  • Appointed: 21.01.21
  • Resigned: 16.06.23

Karen Green

  • Appointed: 01.01.21
  • Resigned: 31.07.23

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Achieving Excellence is the overriding ambition of the LEAP Multi Academy Trust. We place students at the centre of everything we do, creating a culture of success and a love of learning which enhances students’ achievement and their personal, social and emotional development.

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