Sixth Form Bursary

Sixth Form Bursary

The bursary is funding that all sixth form students can apply for and they may receive a payment of a variable amount depending on their financial circumstances. Students must meet the criteria of 96% or more with regard to their attendance and they must meet the criteria of committed or above in their AtL (attitude to learning) in their assessment points. There are 4 different categories of payment, relating to parental income, so that students in greater need of financial support, receive more, providing they meet the criteria. We advise all students to apply as they may get a small or larger amount but this is variable and depends on how many students meet the criteria at each payment point.

All students are given bursary application forms and receive advice regarding the deadlines for submission, payment points and criteria for eligibility in assemblies at the start of each academic clear.

Please note that the bursary is not an entitlement of any student. This is funding which is only available as a reward to students who meet the attendance and AtL criteria.

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