Wellbeing Support for Staff

Wellbeing Support for Staff

Wellbeing is all about our holistic health, including the physical and emotional. When we have good levels of wellbeing we feel that life is in balance and that we can generally cope well. We feel motivated and engaged, we’re resilient and able to deal effectively with daily troubles, as well as ’bounce back’ from life’s challenges. As school staff juggle a multitude of different tasks and demands, it is important that everyone is given the right emotional and practical support so that they can, in turn, support our students. In addition to having a positive impact on colleagues and children, staff wellbeing can improve performance and job satisfaction, which can lead to reduced staff turnover. Importantly, it will also help us to maintain healthy relationships at home.

The Impact of Coronavirus

The impact of coronavirus has had a significant impact on us all. As we teach and provide access to learning in ways we could never have imagined. Whether you are working from home or primarily based in school supporting the learning and wellbeing of keyworker / vulnerable children, the stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic will take its toll on our wellbeing and mental health. If you are concerned about the impact on your own wellbeing or that of a colleague, it is important you seek help and advice.

What are we doing to support wellbeing?

  • Regular staff surveys
  • Staff wellbeing group – share concerns with reps, for discussion at the meetings
  • Wellbeing staff notice board
  • Restructure of afterschool meetings
  • Open door policy for al staff to chat to SLT, C Trueman

In school we have adapted how we are working given Covid-19 restrictions:

  • Changes to staff working on site
  • Regular department Teams meetings
  • Encouragement of department social media groups for more informal support
  • Staff Health and fitness challenges – e.g. Not just walking group!

Supporting a member of staff with mental health difficulties

If you have concerns about yourself or a colleague, please keep talking. Please email or speak to speak to Anne Birch, any other SLT, C Trueman, one of our staff wellbeing reps or any member of staff you feel comfortable with. The most important thing is that you keep talking.

If you feel unable to talk to someone in school the Education Support Line on 08000 562561 day or night or Text 07909 341229 (answered within 24 hours).


NHS 'With Me In Mind' poster about 'Staff Wellbeing' sharing resources for where teachers can seek support.

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