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Work for students during partial school closure

Work for students during school closure

During this period of school closure, we ask that students try to maintain a routine and follow their school timetable. Each of our lessons lasts for an hour and we have 5 lessons a day. Therefore, we would expect students to complete one hour per subject each day, as per their timetable. This means one hour each for English, maths and science and then one hour each on two other subjects.


Useful websites

BBC Bitesize



Also search for Mr Bruff or Mr Salles on YouTube for online English resources.


We believe that maintaining a routine and keeping mentally and physically active will contribute a great deal to supporting our students’ well-being and reduce the impact of the current school closure.

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Our colleges and schools will make a significant difference to the lives of young people.

As a result, together we will make a positive contribution to social mobility.

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