Results Day

Results Day

GCSE & A Level Summer Results Days 2021 Day

As we approach the end of the school year, we write to remind you of arrangements for results days in August.

This summer’s results are based on Centre Assessed Grades, as you know.  Our students applied themselves really well throughout the assessment windows that we put in place for them.  Your support for them throughout this period, as well as during the earlier part of their much-disrupted exam course, has been hugely appreciated by us – and your support will have helped your son/daughter to perform better, no doubt. 


A Level and equivalent courses Results Day is 10 August.

Students can collect their results from the S Block Study Area between 8.30am and 11.30am.


GCSE and equivalent courses Results Day is 12 August.

Students can collect their results from the Main Hall between 8.30am and 11.30am.


Staff will be on hand to offer support and advice, if required.  If the results that a student receives are disputed, there is an appeals process to be followed. 


What are the grounds for appeal?

The main grounds for appeal, as per the national guidance from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), are:

  • You think we have made an administrative error: an example of this would be putting the wrong information into a spreadsheet.
  • You think we have made a procedural error: this means we haven’t properly followed our own process, as approved by the exam board. An example of this would be where you are entitled to additional support for assessments but this wasn’t given in a certain subject.
  • You think the academic judgement on the selection of evidence was unreasonable: you think the evidence used to grade you was not reasonable.
  • You think the academic judgement on the grade you were given was unreasonable: you think that the final grade awarded was not a reasonable judgement.

Results Day 

Now that results day is here, we hope that the awarded grades provide you (or your son/daughter) with opportunity to be successful in the next steps of your education, employment or training.  If you need to discuss your options for next year, do speak to a member of staff on results day.  They will be happy to assist you.

As noted in the earlier message we provided, there is scope for an appeal against individual grades.  There are a limited number of grounds that could be considered for an appeal.

If you believe that your grade is not a fair and accurate reflection of your work and that one or more of the grounds for appeal are met, you should follow the link below to the centre appeal form.

The form requires certain information, including which school you were a student at, which subject grade you wish to appeal against, etc.  It must be completed in full for the appeal to be progressed.  We will, of course, respond as promptly as possible.

If you need to contact us by email regarding appeals, please use the email address below and ensure your message includes the student’s full name and the school they attend

Student appeals information


Student appeals form


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