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In lessons teachers award students with Achieving Excellence points when they show outstanding engagement with learning.

Students are given a half-termly challenges targets for the number of Achieving Excellence points required and are rewarded should they meet or exceed this target.

All Excellent and Committed grades in Assessment Points, APs earns students 10 extra Achieving Excellence points. All challenge winners receive a text home as well as earning extra rewards such as queue jump passes, golden time and vouchers.

Other ways we recognise Achieving Excellence

Star postcards are awarded by senior leaders, subject and pastoral leaders for great work and contributions to academy life. Year group specific rewards and reward activities will be announced by Heads of Year e.g. for outstanding APs, excellent attendance.

Staff may also give out LEAP reward tickets to recognise great work/actions: you have the chance to be entered for a prize draw each week.

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Achieving Excellence is the overriding ambition of the LEAP Multi Academy Trust. We place students at the centre of everything we do, creating a culture of success and a love of learning which enhances students’ achievement and their personal, social and emotional development.

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