Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Students have the opportunity in the sixth form become a Student Ambassador and take on a leadership role. The Ambassador Team is led by Senior and Deputy Ambassadors. Potential Ambassadors are nominated by staff and then apply for a role. Ambassadors undertake leadership training. The Senior and Deputy Ambassadors are interviewed and shortlisted by the Academy Principal and subsequently elected by the whole school.

Student Ambassadors meet to ensure that the student voice is represented and any concerns and plans are discussed the Sixth Form Leadership Team. Student Ambassadors represent the Academy at a wide range of events and parents’ evenings, as well as leading on the promotion of a number of whole school projects.

The Student Ambassadors are one of Brinsworth Academy Sixth Form’s greatest assets. We have the opportunity to make suggestions, improvements and lead on new ideas, hence the chance to make real change. It gives students the opportunity to voice their thoughts and feel more comfortable at school, as they know that their opinions matter. It is also a great way to get involved with community events, such as fundraisers and supporting local charities, as we have the ability through the Ambassadors to organise such events. As a Senior Ambassador, I am able to develop a relationship with a variety of staff and students and have the responsibility of presenting these ideas to the Sixth Form Leadership Team, pushing for the change that students want. I was initially inspired to become a Senior Ambassador, when I saw the videos of the candidates who ran before me, and now doing something that I love doing, I hope to inspire others to get involved.

Aysha – Senior Ambassador

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